Visions Of The Homeschool Group is a non-secular group open to all members of the communities of Mooresville, Mt. Ulla, Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville.

Membership fees are $40 per year. For your fees, you will receive:

A beginning of the year kick-off with food and fun provided.

Monthly meetings with refreshments provided.

An end of the year celebration with food and fun provided.

A monthly newsletter and calendar. If you would like these mailed to you rather rather receiving them by email, there will be an extra charge for postage.

A member directory.

I will, hopefully soon, have a FaceBook page created as well.

Please email me for a copy of the membership form and group guidelines.

There will activities and events throughout the year that may require additional fees - those will be kept as low as possible. 

We will provide a yearbook at the end of the year. I will keep the cost to a minimum. However, there will be ways throughout the year to earn credit towards the cost. 

All members are encouraged to provide ideas and activities they would like to see implemented into the group. Please email me with any of those ideas. 

There will also be activities for our up and coming homeschoolers - those that have not started kindergarten yet. They deserved to be included as well!

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